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5 Commandments of Linkedin Etiquettes

Linkedin etiquettes in 2022 - 2023

Digitalization has altered our lifestyles and revolutionized our everyday communication, which brings a behemoth change in the requirements of the etiquette to be followed whether you are on Linkedin or writing an email.

The shift from traditional modes of communication to the digital foray has been a drastic transition, a paradigmatic shift. In a world where digitalized communication has almost put an end to the physical barriers and communicating through social media platforms has become a ritual, it is essential to cultivate our habits with networking etiquette to walk through professional corridors.

‘Netiquette’ - a combined term comprising of ‘network’ and ‘etiquette’ has made it through the digital age that we have seen so far, and is widely used to connote the application of good manners and behaviors in online communication. It also relates directly to the etiquette to be followed on a professional ecosystem like Linkedin.

Now, let us delve into the specific commandments of etiquette that we may put into practice in the online professional horizon and so on Linkedin as below:

1. Formal Salutations and Standard Professional Language

Even though social media and OTTs seem mostly to be hubs of millennial lingos and slang, the use of formal & professional phrases and salutations while addressing is definitely a preferable mode of communication on any platform - be it Linkedin or official Telegram channels.

We, at LinkedinLocalGuwahati, follow the same set of rules for our own Official Telegram Channel and groups.

2. Respecting One's Privacy and Consent

It is apparent that we try to build professional connections on Linkedin, but in the same quest, it is really important to respect the receiver's privacy and consent before sending connection requests and/or messages, and the prospective connections should not be spammed.

The best way to professionally approach anyone on Linkedin is to add a customized note while sending a connection request. Once connected, do not immediately send your sales pitch, rather make the connection worthwhile and nurture it for any probable future pitch.

The same set of rules apply to the recommendation section as well, and you should ask for it prior to sending the request directly pressing that "Ask for a recommendation" button.

Linkedin Recommendation

3. Keep Your Feed Professional

By 2022, we are already bombarded with contents without any professional holding on Linkedin. That's not good, Linkedin is NOT Facebook nor Instagram/TikTok. This is the only reason why Linkedin removed it's story section in the first place. Be professionally responsible for what you post on Linkedin.

While it is OK to boast about your business idea generated during a leisure trip to Maldives or Hawaii, showing off the beach bikini pictures is not. Learn that fine line differentiating the personal from professional...

4. Speed and Pace of Communication

The most ignored facet of Linkedin and any other online platform is the pace and speed of communication one needs to maintain on them.

While it is true that time constraints and professional commitments make our communication slower, being responsible for the job you have been tasked with and communicating about it to the concerned team is something you cannot ignore. Slack is the proof that communication in this digital age needs to be real-time and accurate.

Remember, irrespective of the digital tools used, your pace and promptness of communication with your teammates directly indicate your level of dedication.

5. Professional Appearance

One of the most underrated etiquettes on Linkedin is how you put up your appearance.

You need to create a professional look with a profile picture and a cover picture that can describe you best and intersect with your interest and makes it easier for people to match/relate your profile and interests.

A good bio section can do wonders for your brand, be it a personal branding or company/product branding. Here are 10 reasons why your Linkedin Bio is important

While we suggest Linkedin users to follow this list of 5 etiquettes, there are more to it. Be responsible for what you post or write on this platform, for the reason that it directly relates to you as a professional.

If you wanna suggest more, please use the comments section below. Thank you.

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