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How Does Linkedin Work as a Career Explorer?

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform with the vision to create professional opportunities for every member of the global professional workforce. The changing demands of rapidly moving industries have created varied transitions in the earning patterns of any society, suggesting the need for a shift from the traditional only career hunting ways to the tools and the platforms like LinkedIn mixed with the offline tools to act as the perfect career explorer.

Linkedin Career Explorer

However, it is brutally true that finding a job, whether online or traditional (offline), is never a rosy path. But with the LinkedIn career explorer tools, the power definitely lies with the job seeker.

LinkedIn can help job seekers to find jobs and to engage with job providers or interviewers by enlisting their sets of skills and receiving suggestions for similar skills and related assessments & courses.

LinkedIn as a career explorer can help a job seeker navigate their way in many important contexts, like:

  • Through the recent job title/s and details of skills & certifications, and the viable job options based on the set of skills so available.

  • By providing a comprehensive list of courses available against matching skill sets.

  • By leveraging the profile image and title frame ‘Open to Work’, which is displayed on the profile, Linkedin makes the hiring managers’ search easier.

  • Similarly, for the job seekers, the profile frame ‘hiring’ makes it easier to approach the hiring authorities.

  • By providing a numerous interview prep materials, with which a candidate can prepare very well for any interview so generated through Linkedin,

  • Acting as the connecting point, referring platform for the candidates and the hiring officers as well,

  • By leveraging the 'Job Alert' section one can easily stay ahead in the job hunt game,

  • Even the 'Resume Builder' can help a job seeker at a great length,

  • The 'Easy Apply' button on the Linkedin job posts further makes it easier for the job applicants to quickly apply for the job so advertised.

In order to build and shape careers on Linkedin, the platform itself creates an interface between the job seeker and the hiring organizations/authorities to display their aligned needs and related fields. The biggest factor that adds to the credibility of a job seeker is CONTENT.

A job seeker in today's competitive job market must follow the concept of a content ProSumer = producer + consumer in order to attain a favorable authority on Linkedin.

Further, LinkedIn builds a web of connections for job seekers to find jobs depending on the set of skills one provides.

Moreover, the tools and features provided by LinkedIn are meant to create a better environment for the job seeking candidates and the hiring organizations alike.

One of the significant features in LinkedIn is the Salary tool, which enables a job seeker to have an idea about the salary expectations s/he should have, and also the range provided by various organizations in his particular field of expertise or interest.

LinkedIn continues to add tools and features to make career-building an efficient process. Tools like jobs, learning, skill assessment, interview prep, resume builder etc. on Linkedin can obviously take any simple job hunt to its most optimal level for any career explorer, provided that the candidate or the job seeker puts his efforts accordingly.

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