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10 Reasons Why Your Linkedin Bio is Important

10 Things to Know about Linkedin Bio:

Many of us have been using Linkedin or at least heard about the services that Linkedin provides. But many users do not pay attention to the Linkedin bio and leave it undone. Your Linkedin bio is the summary you have to write within 2000 characters in the 'About' section of your profile.

It is important to know that, since LinkedIn is a professional networking site with a difference, it is a part of your professional image. It is wrong to assume that leaving your Linkedin bio empty does not impact your career, because unlike other social media summaries your Linkedin bio is the first criteria through which your connections and recruiters form an impression about you.

These are 10 reasons why your LinkedIn bio is important:

1. Relevant Professional Niche:

Linkedin creates a professional network for you that thrives on relevancy. It is not going to help you if you end up connecting with anyone and everyone if they are not your future recruiter or your potential clients or someone who can link you to them.

So, your professional bio that you put up on your Linkedin profile i.e your Linkedin bio is the road to your success in creating a relevant professional network.

Your Linkedin bio that you create carefully utilizing the character limits, gives you the advantage of being approached by related professionals, thus, filters out the irrelevant connections and creates an environment suitable for your career. Your Linkedin bio shows relevancy to your recruiter too, by comparing your information to their goals which makes it easy for them to decide.

2. Indicates Your Professionalism:

How to let someone know that you seek professionalism in your work without even talking to them. Here's your Linkedin bio to your rescue: writing a professional bio itself means that you are confident about what you do.

Having a stellar professional bio means that you are engaged in professional work and you are serious about what you do as a professional. If your Linkedin bio is informative yet precise, it indicates that you say much with a few words and it gives a glimpse of your professionalism to your connections and gives your Linkedin profile a weight of wisdom.

So, your Linkedin bio is the first measure you can take to let someone know your professional features, mastery and that you're looking for connections that help you in growing your professional networking.

3. Works as Your Resume:

Did you know that when Linkedin started people mainly used this social network to host their resumes?

Well, your Linkedin profile is the best social media resume that gives you the provision to communicate with your recruiter. So, it is obvious that your Linkedin bio works as your professional CV or your resume because before going to your entire profile a recruiter is definitely going to go through your Linkedin bio and the rest of the sections you leverage.

So, a professional bio introduces you to your connections almost exactly how your resume or a professional CV does. Your Linkedin bio competes on behalf of you because it is the place on your Linkedin profile where you get a chance to stand out from your fellows before a recruiter.

4. Gives Clarity Regarding Your Professional Goals:

After letting your connections know that you are a professional in the field, your Linkedin bio gives an overview of your professional life which gives the clarity of your works to your recruiter from where they get to know your professional goals.

If you follow the tips and tricks of writing a professional bio, your Linkedin bio will be able to communicate with your connections properly by giving an insight of your immediate and long-term goals to your connections so that in your journey of achieving them they can cooperate and support you.

5. Helps Your Connections to Know Your Values:

Your bio that you put up on your Linkedin profile communicates with your connections: your future recruiters and clients. In a professional environment, knowing each others' principles and morals helps in building resilience, increases productivity, and your Linkedin bio helps you in achieving that by letting others know your values.

Your values and principles are visible through the works and activities that you do and your passion that you have for certain activities and you can mention your passions and motivations in your Linkedin bio.

6. Showcases Your Strengths and Capabilities:

Your recruiters who seek a professional bio and they are going to come directly to your Linkedin profile and precisely to your Linkedin bio to evaluate your strengths and capabilities.

If your LinkedIn bio is fearless and bold regarding your skills and any other responsibilities you have undertaken in your professional career, it automatically showcases your strengths and capabilities. Your accomplishments that you list in your Linkedin bio convince your connections who might be your future recruiter a sense of confidence to work with you.

7. Your Growth is Visible via Your Linkedin Bio

If you utilize the area properly, you can show your growth in your professional career through your Linkedin bio.

Since, the experience section in your Linkedin bio is the most focused section, adding your work experience from beginning to end might do the work of a graph that makes your growth visible. If you put your career path in context starting from your youth, your Linkedin bio makes you a promising candidate for your recruiter.

8. Helps You in Optimizing the Profile:

It is not known to many that your Linkedin bio helps you in optimizing your Linkedin profile that leads to appearing in more search results. Certain optimized terms or keywords and high-quality images, videos, links, and documents in your Linkedin bio also enhance the visibility of your LinkedIn profile.

9. Shows How You are Different from Others:

Your Linkedin bio is the place where there is a chance to tell your unique story in your own words to your connections. It is your own story that makes your Linkedin bio compelling and differentiates you from others.

You might have the same skill sets as others but it is your version of experiences that you portray with the help of your Linkedin bio that makes it unique.

While writing your professional bio if you keep an open mind and add your professional caricature in a visible way, it will certainly distinguish you from the others in the pool of talents.

10. Creates Curiosity to Know You More:

Your 1st impression is your last impression and it is true to a great extent in your professional life. If your Linkedin bio is well versed enough it creates the impression of you as a person with a clear mind which makes your connections curious to know more about you. To list your interests in your Linkedin bio and to show the benefits of working with you are some ways to make people want to know more about you. Add your future goals in your Linkedin bio to keep the curiosity alive in their minds.

When you open a Linkedin account, create a profile but keep the summary spot aka bio empty you don't get noticed even with the amazing information you might have posted on your feed from time to time. So, it is crystal clear that without paying attention to your Linkedin bio, you are going to miss out on various opportunities.

It is time to turn your Linkedin account into an exciting one by changing the professional bio. It is also required because of the fact that it doesn't look discreet that way and can engage more people at a time who are relevant to your professional life.

Good luck with your Linkedin Bio!

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