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6 Simple Ways to Start Advertising on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, now having a network of more than 700 million users worldwide, provides the best services of not just professional networking, job posting, and job searching, but a digital advertisement service to its user as well.

LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool for many businesses in 2022, here's why:

Wider Audience

Users contribute a great deal of information, such as their location, work experience, and other details. Your business has access to such a large audience as well as reliable information about the positions to target in any Ad campaign. Even better, many LinkedIn users keep their profiles up to date on a regular basis.

Target it Right

You can target your audience with extreme precision on Linkedin. Users may be targeted based on their location, job title, level of hierarchy, industry, interests, and many other such factors. This degree of targeting allows you to precisely target just the individuals (decision-makers) that matter most. LinkedIn advertising provides the best advertising services in the professional world in 2022.

Market As You Wish

You may use different Ad formats available on Linkedin to utilize the platform at its best, ranging from carousel ads to InMail ads to many more. From texts to photos to videos, there are all types of content available for advertising on LinkedIn. Each form of an ad has its own set of advantages, so it's crucial to go through each one before committing.

You can now advertise with LinkedIn keeping in mind these benefits being provided and choosing the best format for your business or brand.

6 Simple Steps to Start Advertising on LinkedIn

Now after reading the above whys about advertising on LinkedIn, if must be convinced enough that LinkedIn Ads are the best options for your business.

Here are a few steps to advertise on LinkedIn, as below:

1. Create a Campaign Manager Page

It simply takes a few minutes to set up a Campaign Manager page. Click "Create Campaign" from the Campaign Manager dashboard. Choosing a very descriptive name for your campaign is important.

As you develop your LinkedIn ad portfolio, you'll notice that consistent name formatting is crucial in order to keep your campaigns organized.

2. Set Your Ad Objectives

LinkedIn will prompt you to select the goal of your new advertising campaign right away. The main Campaign topics are - Awareness, Consideration, and Conversions Your selected goal will have an impact on the remainder of your campaign, but you may always adjust your future Ads based on the campaigns' results.

3. Choose Your Target Audience

Targeting is a critical component of every successful advertising campaign; getting your targeting right leads to more engagement and, eventually, improved conversion rates.

You may select from over 20 distinct audience characteristic categories on LinkedIn, such as geography, language, education, talents, and more. By inputting a list of your website visitors or email subscribers, you can use "Audience Expansion" to build a target demographic.

4. Find Your Format

You must decide the format of LinkedIn advertisements that you wanna run. There are several formats, and the one you pick will primarily rely on your requirements. You may create Sponsored Content, Text Ads, or a combination of the two. Most of the Ads need you to connect your LinkedIn Company Page.

After you've outlined your objectives and priorities, you'll be able to choose which format is ideal for you.

5. Choose A Budget and Schedule

You have the option of running a campaign indefinitely or setting a start and end date. Set a daily budget for your company's marketing spending that works best for you. Test and assess the performance of each campaign before spending a lot of money on it. Please mind that LinkedIn Ad is always costlier than Meta Ads, but the results are way better than theirs!

6. Monitor Your Campaign

The LinkedIn auction mechanism rewards ads that receive more clicks. It's important to keep track of your results, eliminate low-performing advertising, and optimize for the high-performing ones. You can update your advertising, optimize your targeting, alter your budget, and toggle ad versions using this information.

LinkedIn ad campaigns, with the appropriate plan, may become a behemoth part of your company's marketing success.

Thousands of new leads – and revenues — can easily be generated with a well-researched, focused campaign. All you need is a good strategy, a little perseverance, and proper optimization of the Linkedin Ads.

For any help or advice on the Linkedin Ads, please contact us at Thanks!

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