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5 Ways Linkedin is Totally Different From The Other Social Media Platforms

The 5 Definite Ways Linkedin is Different:

  1. Professional Networking,

  2. Tailored to Specific Needs,

  3. Extended Job Search,

  4. Linkedin Learning,

  5. Profile Views

By 2021, we have hundreds of alternatives to pick from when it comes to social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. are some of them and all of these platforms provide unique services to their users.

Linkedin is different

With over 720 million users worldwide, LinkedIn without any doubt is the most popular professional social media platform, the first choice of professionals: be an employer or an employee. To get the most out of your LinkedIn profile it is important to know how LinkedIn is different from other social media platforms in terms of services that constitute their unique features.

Here are 5 ways how LinkedIn is totally different from any other social media site out there.

i. Primarily Promotes and Focuses on Professional Networking:

Professional networking is the primary identity of LinkedIn and this is how LinkedIn is different from other social media platforms. While other social media platforms do not prioritize any particular kind of connections, LinkedIn is created for the purpose of professional networking.

Though LinkedIn is a social media, it can be best defined as professional media because your connections on LinkedIn are more relevant to your work rather than any other casual acquaintance or your family and friends. Mr. Dan Nye, the CEO of LinkedIn pointed out that the platform is actually delineated to present its members in "a professional way on the Internet". To create a LinkedIn group and keep it professional, one needs to list at least three industries the group is associated with.

LinkedIn is totally different from others in terms of messaging features as well. Unlike other social media platforms, Linkedin does not provide the facility of direct messaging, instead, it provides a feature called InMail Credits, using which you can message a LinkedIn user directly.

ii. Experience Tailored to Specific Needs:

LinkedIn looks after not only needs specific to employees but also a recruiter and business-specific needs. This needs specific experience which is not present in other social media platforms, makes LinkedIn different from them in providing facilities for employers as well as employees. Though other social media platforms provide many features for smooth business, they are different from LinkedIn in giving you access to exclusive insights to company growth rates, that you can see on Premium Business.

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn makes your business experience smoother by recommending leads and giving a standalone sales platform. LinkedIn also has a feature called job insight, different from others, where you can compare yourself to other job applicants which helps you in keeping up with the most sought-after skills in the job market. LinkedIn Recruiter Lite gives you advanced search filters to help you in finding the right candidate and automatic candidate tracking to manage the candidate pool and this is how LinkedIn is different from other social media platforms.

iii. Notify You About the Jobs You're Looking for:

This, perhaps, is the most interesting feature that any social media possesses and answers how LinkedIn is different from other social media platforms. Complying with the aim of LinkedIn, it provides the users timely notification regarding job vacancies and similar jobs one is looking for and it doesn't just end there. It will notify you regarding jobs in the area you prefer and thus maximizes the probability of availing the job and also this is how LinkedIn is different from other social media platforms. Other than that, every connection you have in LinkedIn is your potential employer or client, or the referrer, and they can directly connect to you provided your profile looks promising to them.

iv. Mastering Topics through Linkedin Learning:

This is a surprising feature to expect from any other social media site in existence. But LinkedIn learning provides you an up-to-date course content with dozens of courses added each week to help you stay ahead of the professional learning curve. LinkedIn learning has almost 15,000 expert-led video courses to choose from with unlimited library access which gives you some extensive and curated content and thus becomes very different from other social networking sites.

Based on your needs, you can access video lessons, be it bite-sized or in-depth, you can get a deep dive into the topics of your choice. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn can also help you in preparing for interviews with expert-approved sample answers to common interview questions with a LinkedIn premium career subscription.

v. Know Who Viewed Your Profile:

Other social media platforms do not give you access to know who viewed your profile, but this is also how LinkedIn stands out from the other social media platforms as it gives you the provision to see your profile viewers. It helps you in planning a better optimization of your LinkedIn profile by giving you an edge of how your profile should look to a certain amount of people from your professional niche of interest.

LinkedIn is better than others as this added feature on LinkedIn gives you an edge of elegantly connecting with people who find your LinkedIn profile in their search results and visit.

In one word, LinkedIn has it all for any kind of professionals: be an entrepreneur, a company employee or employer, or an instructor. Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is the most unique social media platform out there which promises aid to professionals with many features that quench the curiosity about how LinkedIn is different from other social media platforms.

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