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“Let’s Network, Let’s Know Each Other”: A Report

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

3rd LinkedinLocal event hosted in Guwahati, Assam, India

05 January 2021

Guwahati: With the covid 19 pandemic restricting us to the boundaries of our homes and the panels of our screens for quite some months, LinkedinLocal Guwahati finally got to host its 3rd networking event in Assam on the 26th of December 2020. This event, which was initially scheduled for March, was put on hold due to the pandemic. Keeping in mind and strictly adhering to the SOPs laid out by the government and the permission granted by the local authorities, the event took place at the Awesome Palace in Guwahati, Assam with around 30 professional individuals joining the event aspiring to network and connect.

LinkedinLocal Guwahati 3rd Edition

The evening started with a warm and enthusiastic welcome speech given by the City-host, Mr. Syed Mohsin Raja. He talked about LinkedIn and the importance of making connections through this platform. He also shed light on the huge demographics working online and operating digitally.

Thereafter, he arranged a small activity where he asked the attendees to jot down two things on their notepads:

1. What can you help others with?

2. What kind of help do you need?

"When we connect, there is a responsibility for all of us to take it forward to the next generation or whoever doesn't know about it because there is a digital-literacy gap much wider than the one we know of in India", Mr. Raja further commented. With that, he handed over the mic to Pragyan Bezbaruah, the Co-host of the 3rd event who requested the attendees to introduce themselves along with the answers to the two questions that they were asked to jot down earlier.

Networking event in Guwahati

After the attendees quickly gave their introduction, the stage was handed over to Pinky Pathak, the moderator for the group discussion which ensued right after she quickly introduced herself to the crowd. The topic for the event's open group discussion was

"Business During Pandemic: Survivability & Sustainability".

Talking about herself and her venture's journey during the pandemic; Malabika Saikia, founder of Mon pokhila and director of Kishma venture said, "During the pandemic, I started utilizing all my time developing my network and connecting my start-up with other people. Now I'm not alone."

IIT Guwahati employee Himadri Rajbongshi

Ms. Himadri Rajbongshi, who is an employee in IIT Guwahati and an intrapreneur herself, stressed the points of physical exercise and how it kept her going during and after the Covid-19 lockdown.

"Because of this pandemic, I had to rethink the way I work, then challenge myself and develop a winning mindset." Babiba Sultana, a digital marketing specialist, expressed while discussing her struggles during the pandemic.

"Even though Voxpop Daily wasn't affected much due to the pandemic, we were brutally hit for The Chocolate Room since the restaurants were shut down" Anup Sinha, Co-founder of Voxpop Daily and Co-owner of The Chocolate Room, Tezpur said. "But one thing that we did was we didn't let go of our staff and instead, we accommodated them because our workforce is the backbone of our organization and without them, we cannot survive."

VantageCircle employee Soumyadeep VoxPop founder Anup Singh

After the group discussion, a fun-filled and fascinating game was conducted by Subhankar Banerjee, PR partner of LinkedIn Local Guwahati and the Founder & Director of Seven Sense Communication.

The game was followed by an open networking session and refreshments were served. This much-awaited professional networking event in Assam concluded with an introduction to the core LinkedInLocal Guwahati team, a Vote of thanks from the host, and a quick group photo session.

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